Aguas Verdes, Fuerteventura – Sleepy Coastal Hamlet

Aguas Verdes, Fuerteventura – Sleepy Coastal Hamlet

A recent trip to Aguas Verdes on the west coat of Fuerteventura, within the Betancuria natural park area.. It is a very sleepy place nestled among a lovely rugged stretch of coastline. The beach there is called Playa Valle de Santa Ines but it is largely made up of pebbles and shingle. It is quite isolated and there are no shops here so just to get a loaf of bread means a round trip by car of at least 30 miles/48 kilometres.

It gets its name, Aguas Verdes which means Green Pools, from the many small pools dotted along the coast from here. They provide wonderful, natural swimming holes. There are many of the local Barbary Ground Squirrels that live among the rocks around the green pools. At low tide, just to the right of the main beach, it is possible to see the engine block of a boat that ran aground here in a storm and broke up.

Just outside Aguas Verdes, on the road in, is a very large goat farm set in a quiet valley.

See my other video shot there – Shattered Dreams, Villa Charlotte.

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