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  • Walk in dry river beds

    A walk in the dry river beds, Lajares, Fuerteventura

     A walk in the dry river beds, Lajares, Fuerteventura A walk in the dry river beds, Lajares, Fuerteventura – The Adventures of Oscar and Jenson Oscar and Jenson’s favourite walk is in the river beds near Lajares which are dry for 99% of the year. We often meet Brian, a friend, with his dogs, Marley…

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  • Villa Charlotte Aguas Verdes

    Shattered Dreams – Villa Charlotte, Aguas Verdes, Fuerteventura

    Villa Charlotte This villa is a very sad sight and represents a family’s shattered dreams. It is in a wonderful position with amazing coastal views but that may have been its downfall. It was lived in, and probably built by, an English family, possibly from the Liverpool area. It may be that, although they had…

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  • workshop tour, shop tour

    Workshop Tour and Clean Up

    Workshop Tour and Clean Up A quick workshop tour and clean up before I start to fully reorganise and rearrange it. I will do another shop tour once I have finished. I have been wanting to get started on this for many months. As we have been remodelling the house, the workshop became a dumping…

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  • The Local Attitude to Dogs - Hunting Dogs

    The Local Attitude to Dogs

    The Local Attitude to Dogs – Hunting Dogs I didn’t intend my first real post about life here to be negative but this dog just happened into my life on Tuesday night so that set the scene for the first in the “What’s it like to live here” series entitled the local attitude to dogs.…

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  • Qumox SJ5000+

    QUMOX SJ5000+ Action Camera Review

    QUMOX SJ5000+ Action Camera Review I have been using the Qumox SJ5000+ wifi action camera for 6 weeks since I purchased it from Amazon. These are my initial impressions and some of the good and bad points I have found. One thing I don’t mention is the wifi part of the camera. When I bought…

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  • Showering The Dog

    Showering the dog – Jenson is funny afterwards

    Showering The Dog – Jenson needed it Showering the dog is a frequent event. Jenson, the long-haired Jack Russell, needed a shower so Sue gave him one before he wore his new collar with his name on. I wouldn’t say showering Jenson is one of his favourite things but he does tolerate it. He goes…

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  • internet access in fuerteventura

    Internet Access in Fuerteventura

    It isn’t that often I find something negative to say about living here but the Fuerteventura internet access is an exception (but read the update). I needed to upload my next video to Youtube last night. After compressing the file to be as small as possible, it became a 400Mb file. I started the upload…

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  • cooling hot dogs

    Cooling Hot Dogs – Oscar and Jenson

    Cooling Hot Dogs – Oscar and Jenson It was a very hot, humid afternoon here in Fuerteventura, and Oscar and Jenson were feeling hot. Sue decided to try and cool them down using cold, damp towels. I’m not sure it was a great success but it was funny nevertheless. Oscar’s expressions were particularly telling. How…

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  • life is tough, hot tub

    Life Is Tough – My Morning Routine

    Life Is Tough in Fuerteventura Many people I know, who are still in the UK, think that I have an easy life here in Fuerteventura. Well I thought a video was well overdue to dispel that myth and show how tough life here really is. Honestly, it is really tough! Why won’t anyone believe me?…

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  • Betancuria, Fuerteventura

    Betancuria, Fuerteventura – A trip up the mountains

    A trip up the mountains to Betancuria, Fuerteventura We had friends staying so had a trip through the mountains to the viewing point of “El Mirador de Morro Velosa” where you get probably one of the best views of the island. We then continued on to Betancuria for a walk and a Tapas lunch. The…

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