Fuerteventura Vlog March 2016



Fuerteventura Vlog March


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Fuerteventura Vlog March 2016

March was a bit wet in Fuerteventura at times but it at least it does make the island green(ish).


– Putting a garden fork through the mains water suppy
– Corralejo seafront life
– visit to Jandia beach
– a poor little cat we found in the garden
– cleaning the pool
– finishing the utility room and other diy
– Jenson visits the dentist
– fitting a new pressure valve at the apartment in El Cotillo
Airport to pick up friends
– Catamaran trip to Isla de Lobos

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy retirement life then Fuerteventura, or any of the Canary Islands, could be a good choice. It isn’t paradise but then nowhere is perfect. The climate is wonderful though and it allows you to be active outside every day of the year giving a great retirement lifestyle. It is a lot easier here to answer that old question “What to do when you retire?”

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